The Spanish organization is a training company founded in 2017 focused on aptitude training and improving human performance. INDEPECIE works actively with various youth and women organizations, disadvantaged groups, chambers of commerce and NGOs on: Personal development by offering training programs to strengthen self-knowledge, awareness, improvement of interpersonal skills and full development of individual potential. Professional and organizational improvement by working on correct communication and strengthening of interpersonal skills.

Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary School is located in the city center of Kocaeli, Turkey. Our school was built in 1963. As the building was very old and little damaged in the earthquake in 1999, it was destroyed in July 2012. The school was rebuilt on the area of 11500 m2 by the financial support of a businessman Mehmet Sinan Dereli and reopened in September 2013. The main building contains 26 classrooms, one science lab, two art classes, one ICT class, one library, one infirmary, one teachers room, six offices, one cafeteria. The second building contains one gymnasium (with the capacity of 200 spectators) and a theatre hall (with the capacity of 200 audiences). All of the classrooms have smart boards with internet access. There are football and basketball areas in the garden.We have got 546 students, 41 teachers with various branches, 2 coprincipals and a principal.

Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (VAEV) is a non-governmental organization, based in Vienna, Austria, formed by a community of passionate advocates HomePartners Explorarcommitted to developing sustainable solutions to improve education and learning processes by conducting research, participating in projects and promoting innovation. Through continuous interaction of cross border collaboration, VAEV develops and delivers programmes in the form of community based activities to empower people, advocate for policy change and advance and strengthen access to quality education and learning opportunities for the most vulnerable groups.

Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore (I.I.S.) ‘Margherita Hack’ di Morlupo (RM) includes the following high schools and institutes with a total of about 1100 students and 65 staff members between managers, teachers and school staff, of which about 25 are engaged in Erasmus+ projects with language teaching background and responsible for the main language certifications.

Colegio Séneca S.C.A was founded in 1982 in the city of Córdoba (Spain) and today it has about 700 students and a teaching staff of 50, ranging students from 3 to 16 years. So we include Nursery, Primary and Secondary education, as well as Support and Integration Classroom.


They foster diversity in education and we try to educate solidarity and environmentally respectful people with a high critical capacity, team work and compromised with innovation. These are our essential valours.


Colegio Séneca is a member of ACES (Andalusian Social Economy Schools Association), which includes more than 100 schools in the region. Since 2016, ACES gave us the Seal of Educative Excellence, which acknowledges the quality in the management of the centre, offering families guaranteed services.

Skill Up was born from the meeting of a group of professionals with strong experience in the field of training and business consultancy.
Our focus is double: on the one hand it is on the organizational needs of companies, on the other it is on the people who work there and their needs for skills, development and listening.

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